Watch: AI girlfriends are here and they’re posing a threat to a generation of men

Watch: AI girlfriends are here and they’re posing a threat to a generation of men

AI girlfriends are becoming increasingly popular and are causing concern among many men. Professor Liberty Vittert recently discussed with CNN’s Michael Smerconish the impact of Artificial Intelligence apps on relationships and how they are negatively affecting a whole generation of men.
In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a prominent topic in scientific research and popular culture. With the advances in technology, some are beginning to wonder whether AI can now offer more than mere technological convenience. A video entitled “We’re Dating With AI Girlfriends Now” recently went viral, highlighting the startling possibility of AI being able to simulate romantic relationships.

AI girlfriends, as showcased in the video, range from realistic pre-recorded videos which respond to romantic banter to robotic healing conversations. The video demonstrates how conversations with the AI girlfriends are designed to be compassionate and validating, offering the user a sense of comfort and support in times of need.

Whilst some may find this technology interesting or entertaining, many argue that there is cause for concern. For instance, AI girlfriends could pose a threat to the development of real relationships, as they may offer a safe and convenient outlet for those lacking in confidence and experience in the realm of real dating. By simulating romantic relationships, users are discouraged from building relationships with real people, ultimately posing a risk to the social development of individuals.

Moreover, AI girlfriends could undermine the value of real relationships by providing an image of perfection that is completely unattainable in reality. By being the perfect companion, AI are unable to provide the grit and struggles that make real relationships so rewarding.

In addition, AI technology could offer a dangerous escape for vulnerable individuals, offering an idealised romance which does not require any of the challenges of a real relationship, ultimately hindering their psychological and social development.

The rise in AI technology is undoubtedly an exciting development, but it is clear this technology presents a risk. It is essential that this technology is used in moderation and responsibility, as it could potentially undermine the social and emotional development of our generations.

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